When you first start thinking about change, what you really need is someone to give you a bit of help and support… advice that you can rely on, coupled with enthusiasm to create imaginative new ideas and time to think things through properly; that’s what we do.

After 30 years designing and providing architectural and technical services and support to individuals and businesses across the North of England and the EU we can help you make the right decisions and if you’re happy, to develop your aspirations into practical solutions that work, look good and add value.

Based in Ponteland, by Newcastle Airport, we have completed over 1000 projects, ranging from farm estate diversification and holiday rental conversions, refurbishing Georgian houses divided into apartments, large family houses on sloping sites, relocating flagship national HQ offices and EU businesses moving to new UK premises… most of our work comes from referrals - we’d like to tell you more! Telephone Brummitt Architects on +44 (0)1661 872529 and we’ll take it from there.

Contact us at Brummitt Architects on 01661 872 529 to learn more about our portfolio of work or to enquire about your project.

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