Architect Newcastle

A reputable and efficient architecture firm, Brummitt Architects have over 30 years of experience and have completed over one thousand projects providing architectural and technical support to individuals in Newcastle, across the North of England and the throughout the EU. We aim to transform aspirations into practical solutions that work, look good and add value to any site.

Brummitt Architects is a member of the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA)

Our mantra is that every design is holistic – we believe that best architectural practice should interpret social responsibility, makes the best use of appropriate renewable energy sources, conserves fuel and power, reduces site waste and seeks to eliminate pollution wherever possible.

These values are reflected in our design process – instead of seeking outright rewards in our designs, we quietly champion good and efficient designs that brings real added value to our customers and their premises in Newcastle.

Our dedicated architects in Newcastle have undertaken a diverse range of work, and can cater for almost every aspect of housing provision. Brummitts Architects in Newcastle can also complete:

  • Industrial and office design
  • Interiors
  • Re-fits
  • Masterplannings
  • Industrial/Commercial site appraisals and feasibility work
  • Inward investment planning
  • Development work for car providers
  • Farm estate development/diversification
  • Site/business remodelling
  • Veterinary and GP practices

We can give you the help and support you need, because of our business analysis and design-led collaborative approach can bring together the team you need to transform your project from paper into reality. As our projects evolve, we along with our clients undergo a learning process, and we know from experience that reacting to the unforeseen along the way is what marks out a good service from a bad one.

One of the most important attributes of our working process is communication, which means that at all times we will continually identify and resolve any issues that may be pertinent to our clients, keeping them involved at every stage and tailoring practices and procedures to their requirements.

In the past we have worked with companies such as Isos housing, Home Group, Miller Homes, Four Housing Group, Keepmoat Homes, Northumberland Estates, Barratt Homes, DAMHA, Dunelm Homes, Bellway Homes and Persimmon Group. Our extensive housing portfolio includes every aspect of housing, both private and public.

To promote and champion our values online, we actively engage in social media groups such as Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook, ArchitectNet and the Northumbria Business Network, and aim to improve peoples appreciation of the benefits of cost-effective, sustainable architectural design.

Architect Newcastle