In seeking out an Architect you have made the first step, now you need to be sure you can rely on the practice you are looking for.

Whether you are a:

  • Householder wanting fresh ideas

  • Site owner seeking to maximise it’s potential

  • Local manufacturer wanting to rationalise your manufacturing plant

  • Multi-national company seeking inward investment

  • Development company seeking to increase your commercial portfolio

  • A registered social landlord needing to rationalise stock and expand or

  • A farmer looking for new ideas to diversify.

Specialist Architect Services based in Newcastle

architect newcastleYou need the best advice you can find. Gathering the right people around you to drive your aspirations forward is essential to get the results you want. Every design is holistic: best practice integrates social responsibility, best use of appropriate renewable energy, conserves fuel and power, reduces waste and seeks to eliminate pollution as a philosophy not as ‘add-on’ packages. We do not seek awards- we quietly champion good design.

Our business analysis and design-led collaborative approach brings together the team you need. Sometimes it draws out unexpected results which don’t always require architectural commissions but it will always make your premises and your business more effective and more efficient.

How much support you require will depend on your own experience and situation so we sit down with you and:

  • Explore what you need to establish the brief, including detailed working practices and procedures where appropriate.

  • Identify your responsibilities as a client

  • Work through feasibility studies to find the most effective solution[s]

  • Identify and resolve any issues that emerge from the business and site analysis to sign off the development brief

  • Work with the team to set an appropriate budget

  • Contact your local Council to identify any planning or technical issues

  • Advise when you need specialist support, eg engineering, ecological, archaeological or CDM 2007 input

At this point we assess with you how best to proceed. It may be better to alter or amend an existing site, acquire a new building to alter, or build a new one. When this vital decision has been made, we:

  • Develop a detailed design, integrating engineering. landscaping and costing advice

  • Prepare planning, building regulation and statutory applications and negotiate with their officers to resolve any stumbling blocks, and

  • Work up detailed proposals with your team to ensure everything is on track

  • Work in partnership with the consultant team to identify suitable contractors that we trust to deliver the project on time and on budget, with the confidence that you know what the end result will look like and that it can be safely delivered

Everyone learns every day- there may be unforeseen things along the journey but it’s how you deal with them that sets good service apart. We will be there to help when you need us.