Commercial Architect Newcastle

With over 30 years of combined experience, Brummitt Architects have a long history as a top quality commercial architect with an extensive and diverse portfolio. We’ve completed over 1000 projects working with small, medium and corporate sized businesses, and some of our more high profile jobs include relocating flagship national HQ offices and helping EU businesses that are moving to UK premises.

Our dependable, expert commercial architects in Newcastle can provide the architectural and technical support you need to allow your site to fulfil its potential. Our feasibility studies can identify the best course of progress for you to take, whilst we endeavour to bring together the best team possible to deliver appropriate architectural solutions for our clients to take, all to an exacting budget and timescale.

Whether you are a manager looking to rationalise your manufacturing plant, a multi-national company seeking inward investment or a development company aiming to increase your commercial portfolio, we can provide the expertise and guidance that you may be lacking.

Our diverse range of work covers:

  • Industrial and office design
  • Re-fits
  • Interior designs
  • Industrial/Commercial site appraisals and feasibility work
  • Inward Investment planning
  • Site/Business Remodelling
  • GP and veterinary practices

All of our design work is completed from start to finish in partnership with our client, which means that you can be as involved in the process as you want. All Brummitt Architects commercial architects in Newcastle focus on the responsibilities and requirements of their clients, working with them to establish the most effective and practicable solutions to their problems and making these central to our designs.

Sustainable, cost-effective designs

Many of our customers in the past have sought out an efficient design that maximises site potential and reduces waste.

For many years, Brummitt Architects design philosophy has been aimed at ensuring a holistic design that puts social responsibility at the forefront of the plan. This means that many of our designs will incorporate sustainable values as standard, aiming to conserve fuel and power, reduce waste and eliminate pollution wherever possible. Our designs also make the best use of renewable energy when appropriate.

Having an experienced, expert commercial architect in Newcastle with the same goals and values as you greatly increases the chances that the design will be successful in reaching the parameters set for it.

Commercial Architect Newcastle