Experienced architects meeting demands for affordable housing

The housing and homelessness charity Shelter states that the number of people living in social housing in England is falling as greater numbers enter private rental properties. The biggest problem facing the country is the lack of affordable housing. The last few decades have seen the demand for social housing soar as the supply has dramatically reduced.

Private renting can present problems for many due to the short term nature and potential rent increases. Many families are vulnerable which makes private renting unsuitable for them. The introduction of bedroom tax has also placed greater pressure on many people to move to a smaller property. Again, this is a major issue as the amount of properties available do not match the demand.

Affordable housing offers properties to individuals and families whose needs are not being met by the market. From 2015 to 2016 there were 32,110 affordable homes made available throughout the country and the numbers are predicted to increase over the next five years. Affordable housing can be new builds, social housing or privately owned properties that have been turned into affordable properties.

As dedicated architects we pride ourselves on the design and construction of a wide range of structures including affordable properties. Our extensive portfolio includes comprehensive and ambitious projects from affordable housing in Hexham to energy conscious design, student accommodation, listed buildings and more. Our team of specialists is on hand to offer you full support from the beginning of your project to final completion. We will explore your needs as a client, establish an appropriate budget and work through feasibility studies to find the most effective solution. Call our friendly team to discuss all your architectural needs.

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