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When it comes to quality and affordable housing, Brummitts Architects are some of the most reliable architects in Newcastle to be found, having enjoyed a long history designing practical housing throughout the North of England and the EU. We’ve been responsible for over 1000 completed projects in our time, and part of our formula for success in the field of social housing lies in our ability to learn, evolve and adapt to new challenges as they appear.

The challenge we set ourselves is a simple one: to evolve and develop alongside our projects, using a collaborative approach that draws together the requirements of a project brief with our unique emphasis on providing practical solutions to challenging design problems. As such, Brummitts Architects has come a long way since we first set up way back in 1995, although at the core of our firm, we retain the same innate values – to design and champion affordable social housing that function well and look the part.

Our architects in Newcastle are defined by the dedication, skill and expertise that they display wide variety of projects every day. By bringing together the ideal design team, whose experience and knowledge best complement the tasks and challenges ahead, we are able to map out affordable and inclusive social housing that conforms to our stringent code of best practice.

The first step we take in approaching any project is to exploring and identifying the necessary steps required to create the ideal design template, so that all the information we need is right at our feet, enabling our team of architects in Newcastle to make smart, effective decisions in real time. Happily, our experience in providing comprehensive architectural and technical support throughout to all manner of clients puts us in a strong position to continue offering such advice in the future.

Whether you would like to develop an existing site with more efficient, practical and cost-effective infrastructure, or you are building on an entirely new site and require innovative designs with outstanding value for money, our architects in Newcastle can adapt to your requirements, as well as giving you all the information you require to make informed decisions.

Ranging from individuals to businesses and corporations, as well as public institutions and local councils, Brummitts Architects have worked with every scale and scope of project in the past, and we believe that our focus on an integrated, collaborative-led approach marks us out from other architects in Newcastle. In the past, we’ve worked successfully with clients including Isos Housing, Keepmoat Homes and Northumberland Estates amongst others, and our portfolio of work continues to grow.

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